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Jadeite facing materials

  • Polished tile  100 100 5 mm
  • Polished tile    40 40 5 mm
  • Polished tile    30 30 5 mm

In sauna, bath-house or hamam, where walls, floor and ceiling are laid out with jadeite, there is, undoubtedly, a  special curing environment. And there is nothing mystic about it. This is the work of jadeite’s physical properties and unique chemical compound.

Firstly, jadeite does not permit in such a room all those harmful  radiation which fill our homes, because of working electric devices, mobile phones etc.

Secondly, jadeite purifies water, and probably, air from microbes.

Thirdly, steam in jadeite sauna (water,  evaporated from the surface of hot jadeite) is filled with metasilicon acid, healthful for lungs, bones and skin. Hence, electro-magnetic and radiation level as well as the quality of air in jadeite room is above any praises.

Jadeite facing materials are  highly durable and  extremely strong, which provides maximum safety in premises with high temperature and humidity.

Low level of water absorption (0.01-0.03 %) makes it possible to use jadeite not only for decoration of bath-houses, saunas and hamams, but even for facing swimming pools.

All these properties make jadeite a constructional material number one not only in classification, but in reality!

  • Oven facing  

Physical properties of jadeite very well manifest themselves  at outer facing of ovens. Low factor  of thermal expansion  lets an oven  keep its form at heating and cooling: facing does not deform, crack  or shrink. High factor of ultimate strength of jadeite prolongs the operating time of  “stone frame”.

Certainly, the outer look of any oven will change to the best, which is of great importance for exclusive design of premises.  

  • Jadeite mosaic  

Jadeite mosaic is actually a scattering of jadeite pebbles, which look on walls both refined and simple. Our technology of mosaic installation will let you fulfill a beautiful high-quality finishing without seams. Every mosaic paper is a result of laborious  manual work.

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