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A special area of jadeite usage is the design of a garden or a park. Large boulders and blocks of raw jadeite will be a stylish decoration of any garden. Jadeite pebbles can be nice to lay out flower beds and paths. And larger stones  look as a perfect frame of natural or artificial pond.

Should you put jadeite in the garden? It seems that there are a lot of green shades around and that is enough. But, for example, in the eastern art - monochrome is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, it is believed that this is the way to reach the highest degree of impact on the imagination of a viewer. Diversity tires eyes, while one color completely captures attention. Often in traditional Japanese gardens instead of the riot of colors, the preference is given to  evergreens, maples, mosses and ferns. More than that, green color promotes contemplation and healing, and jadeite in your garden will support not only you but your plants.

Chinese gardeners generally recommend to bury pieces of jadeite in the four sides of a garden (South, North, East, West) to improve plants growth and the quality of their fruit, but a similar effect can be achieved using  jadeite stones for landscaping.

Jadeite inert material is much more durable than other currently used materials.

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