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Sauna jadeite
Stone for bath-houses
and saunas
Tile, oven facing,
jadeite mosaic
Jadeite sets for
stone therapy
Raw Jadeite
Raw jadeite for
making souvenirs
and jewelry
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About Jadeite

Jadeite is a traditional and highly esteemed stone of Southeast Asia, Central and South America, many countries and peoples. It was, is and will remain prestigious to have jadeite in the collections in the form of jewelry, objects of artistic and decorative purposes, and even in the form of rough stone. Different people believed in the healing properties of jadeite for centuries and used it for spiritual purposes and curing. This magic stone will never loose its value.

Jadeite is extremely rare and highly-estimated due to its beauty and extraordinary strength.

Jadeite is often confused with nephrite. But jadeite is much more rare and valuable stone, which, unlike nephrite can be jewelry. Numerous nephrite deposits are found on almost every continent, while jadeite is mined in only 3 countries in the world. Overall, there are only 8 known sources of jadeite in our planet. The world market of jewelry and souvenir (carving) jadeite is almost monopoly of Burma (Myanmar), where for centuries jadeite of the highest quality has been mined.  Then follow  the deposits of Guatemala and Russia.



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