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Sand for chinchillas bathing

It was found that chinchillas wearing coats from the most expensive fur, adore jadeite sand! Chinchillas enjoy swimming, it gives them pleasure and improves their appearance. The only difference between their swimming from other animals - they do it without water.

The absence of sebaceous glands does not allow them to stay on the water, they immediately go to the bottom. Therefore, in nature they bath in volcanic dust, and at home - in the very fine fraction sand. We love and appreciate our pets, so we want to give them the best. Jadeite sand is of very fine and safe composition.  As the jadeite stone itself,  the sand contains zeolite, recommended for chinchillas’ bathing. It absorbs very well impurity of fur, and your chinchilla will again look beautiful.

The animals with the most expensive fur in the world deserve to swim in the sand of the most expensive stone in the world!

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