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Jadeite stones for cooling chinchillas

The natural habitat of Chinchilla  is - highland Andes. These charming animals more easily tolerate low temperatures than the heat. When the thermometer begins to show + 25 ° C and above, chinchilla are in danger of heat stroke and even death. They must be cooled, but without drafts.


One of means, that helps chinchillas to survive in hot summer, is different cooling stands. Jadeite stones fit well for this purpose due to their physical properties. At the same temperature in the room, wooden floors give a feeling of warmth, concrete - cold, and jadeite - ice cold. These different feelings arise because the thermal conductivity of pine boards is - 3,9, concrete - 11, and jadeite - 29 W / m^2 *  C.


Jadeite  absorbs heat less and longer than other materials. And therefore chinchillas suffering from heat are happy to settle on jadeite stones, without fear of catching a cold!


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