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Stone for bath-houses and saunas

Thanks to its unique physical-mechanic properties, jadeite is the most durable stone used at saunas and  bath-houses with ovens of any type.

  • Punctured medium stone
  • Punctured big stone
  • Grinded medium stone
  • Grinded big stone

As any sauna stone, jadeite withstands considerable overloads, temperature drops. It is absolutely safe in aggressive environment. Besides, in comparison with other stones, jadeite has many advantages.
Having changed the stones in your oven for jadeite, you will notice by all means, that jadeite filled oven heats up for 20 % longer. If it usually took you 2 hours to heat up your sauna, now it takes 2 hours and a half. But after heating up your sauna, then, thanks to excellent physical properties of jadeite you will derive threefold benefit.

Firstly, jadeite steam-room can be used considerably longer, than earlier, because heat in your sauna and high quality of steam will remain unchangeable for a long time.

Secondly, when the door of a steam-room often opens, the temperature in the steam-room with jadeite filled oven drops insignificantly. It is not a secret for anybody, that when people enter and leave a steam-room, the oven is cooled. It is especially visible in private steam-houses, the square of which is usually not more than 5 sq.m. In many projects of saunas an oven is most often situated near the entrance, that is why when the door opens – the temperature of steam drops. It was 100 degrees C, and then became 80 or 75 degrees C, which is rather bad. 15-20 degrees for a heated person are rather considerable. With jadeite filled oven the temperature in your steam-room will drop only at 5 degrees, that is to 95 degrees C. This factor raises the quality of sauna and the quantity of received pleasure.

, direct economy thanks to the factor, that jadeite maintains high temperature much longer than other stones. If the oven is electric, then you save electricity, if the oven works on wood, then you save at first – your time and forces, at second – wood. Usually people have to maintain the temperature in the steam-house. With jadeite filled oven the situation will change: instead of going and filling oven with wood, you will relax in the steam-house or have a quiet rest in the rest-room.

, very important property of jadeite is its ability to provide maximum safety.
While choosing stones for ovens it is important to pay steadfast attention to this factor. Practically everybody knows already that it is necessary to use for ovens only those stones, which do not scatter on pieces at heating. However it is important to consider not only physical, but chemical safety of stones. For example, there is a stone, which includes sulfur and at heating this stone  allocates poisonous substance.
Everyone knows about radiation. But when people buy stones for sauna, they often forget about it. Certainly nobody gathers stones for sauna near by Chernobyl AES. But river stone and ordinary granite is sometimes put in ovens. These grinded stones often allocate radiation in ovens (show undesirable radiation level).
Jadeite from the Boruss mine is checked by Federal State Medical “Center of hygiene and epidemiology of Moscow city”. Jadeite has very low radiation level, much less than the minimum permitted one. More than that, jadeite balances the radiation level, that is, it clears up the close environment  from radiation until their levels become equal. In chemical respect jadeite is absolutely safe.

, jadeite has curing abilities. In contact with water hot jadeite decontaminates it (kills microbes and saprophytes, which cause allergic reactions), as well as it fills steam with very beneficial metasilicon acid. Metasilicon acid is a part of many mineral waters, recommended for drinking, it possesses anti-inflammatory effect, positively influences skin condition and improves the work of the lungs.

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